Brick cutting saws

STS 650 and STS 900

The sawing of bricks is a job for professionals. The brick cutting saws STS 650 and STS 900 meet the highest requirements in this respect. Simple and ergonomic usage for cutting concrete, natural stones and similar materials in a clean and highly precise manner. Intelligent technology meets user-oriented design.

Technical specifications STS 900

Power: 9 KW / 7,5 KW
Cutting depth: up to 370 mm
Cutting length: 650 mm (with 300 mm brick height)
Saw blade: Ø 900 mm
Length: 2.130 mm
Width: 860 mm
Height: 1.520 mm
Weight: 370 kg
Electrical outlet: 400 V / 50 Hz / CEE 32 A

Control unit Type SD90

Technical specifications STS 650

Power: 5,5 KW
Cutting depth: up to 250 mm
Cutting length: 700 mm (with 250 mm brick height)
Saw blade: Ø 650 mm
Length: 1.930 mm
Width: 860 mm
Height: 1.320 mm
Weight: 320 kg
Electrical outlet: 400 V / 50 Hz / CEE 16 A

Control unit Type DA55

Advantages of the saws

  • Transport protection
  • Carriage guide on top, outside the saw-mud-contaminated area (ball bearing of the saw drive is protected)
  • Fully enclosed triplex chain drive of the saw blade
  • Three-phase motor from 5.5 to 9 KW and direct current brake for the prevention of post-carriage
  • Integrated front and back protection as well as a removable side splash guard
  • Simple feed of the saw blade thanks to stationary crank handle (retractable)
  • Easy handling thanks to 2 large wheels with rubber tyres, craneable and with forklift pockets
  • Active water cooling with internal circulation
  • Pneumatic-spring-assisted adjustment of cutting depth of the saw blade by means of a crank handle

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