Stone grab Raptor

The stone grab with unshakeable grip

Thanks to Raptor, transporting large and heavy bricks on a construction site becomes a simple operation. With its gripper elements, the robust and intelligently designed brick gripper firmly “bites” into different types of brick and lets go as soon as the brick is put down. With Raptor, all brick formats can be transported.

  • Easy and safe transport of bricks
  • Thanks to an internal handle, it is possible to place the bricks directly on the wall
  • Longevity due to armoured wear points
  • Comfortable operation by radio remote control of the STEIN-REX® 2.0 – only using the thumb with simultaneous adjustment of the gripper
  • Custom solutions possible

Versatile use

Sand-lime brick reversible insert

For picking up medium-sized sand-lime bricks more quickly and easily

Say goodbye to the time-consuming system of repacking bricks onto the palette: with our sand-lime brick reversible insert for the Raptor brick gripper, we make transporting medium-sized sand-lime bricks significantly quicker and easier. How does it work? The grip inserts can be very easily re-positioned to have the grip bolts facing either inwards or outwards. In doing so, the grip form can be changed in no time to suit your current requirements. This means that you can avoid the inconvenience of repacking bricks onto the palette. The sand-lime brick reversible insert can lift medium-sized bricks ranging from individual bricks to an entire pallet row (4 bricks). This tool accelerates and simplifies the entire work process.

By simply re-positioning the grip inserts, you can set the following types of grip:


Areas of application
  • Used to quickly create longer sections of wall
  • Gripping 3 and 4 bricks
Areas of application
  • Used to create corners
  • Connections to existing walls or short sections of wall
  • Gripping 2 and 3 bricks
  • Laterally gripping individual bricks
  • More efficient work processes
  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing strain on the body
  • Easy to handle
  • Flexible to use

Raptor Jumbo

The grabber double pack: grabs two stones at once

With the newly developed Raptor Jumbo grabber double pack from Schulte Transportsysteme, two YTONG Jumbo blocks can be bricked up with one crane. This can be used to create 120cm of brickwork with a layer height of 49.9cm or 62.4cm in the shortest possible time.

  • Very economical construction progress
  • Setting for one or two Ytong blocks
  • Time-saving adjustments
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Secure hold due to micro positive locking

Two blocks with one crane

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