The extra in service

One of the special services is the good availability which provides you with a reliable contact partner at your side. Should you ever require any assistance, our service technicians will be happy to help you at your construction site and will provide for a smooth execution of the works. After a change of generations in 2013, Schulte Transportsysteme GmbH is managed by Helmuth Clemens in the position of the managing director ever since. The company from the town of Finnentrop-Heggen, situated in the Sauerland region, offers precisely manufactured products of the highest quality and also develops customer-specific solutions with regard to the wall crane.

Our Key elements

User-orientated thinking
People and their health are at the heart of our product development. Our bricklaying devices, stone separating saws, etc. are, therefore, particularly user-orientated. They are constructed in such a way that both greatly relieve and improve physical strain on employees.

Knowledge applied in a targeted way
Years of experience and constant further training make us experts in our area. We let our expert knowledge flow into our products, which are therefore meeting our highest quality requirements. Innovation and continuous further development are some of our company policy pillars.

Optimising processes
Thanks to intelligent construction and simple operation, our devices considerably speed up work processes on building sites. They also save time and energy – as well as money.

Developing unique solutions
If there is currently no product on the market which meets your unique requirements, turn to us. True to the motto of “Where there is a need, there is also a solution”, we develop individual unique products in the area of bricklaying devices.

Providing security
We have your needs in mind. Replacement parts, maintenance, inspections – profit from our comprehensive services. With our servicing vehicles, we can quickly provide you with replacement parts, which we have an abundance of in stock. We ensure your device’s performance through regular maintenance and inspections.

Showing commitment
Do you need support? You can count on us. Our technical support is available to answer questions about any of our products on the phone. If your matter cannot be resolved on the phone, we do not delay and send a servicing technician to you who will review the situation on-site and assist further straight away. We offer this service throughout Germany.

Our services

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Replacement parts

Servicing team

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