Universal container

UC 85

Practical assistance tool on construction sites and in operations: The UC 85 universal container really saves time and space. The stable container can be transported quickly from one place to another using a forklift truck or crane and is also ideally suited for environments with limited space thanks to its stackability. The UC 85's deep chute ensures very easy unloading.

  • Easy unloading thanks to deep chute
  • Capacity 0.61m³ (crane) / 0.85m³ (forklift)
  • Payload 1.4t
  • Admissible load 5.1t
  • Dead weight 0.107t
  • Max. stacking slope 2° on stable ground
  • Crane operation with 4-strand-hanger only (min. 2.5m)
  • Checked by an expert at least once a year
  • Effortless transport with a forklift truck
  • Customer-specific designation (lasered)

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